sihanoukville beaches

The Best Sihanoukville Beaches

Best Sihanoukville beaches to visit

If you have ever thought about going to a beautiful beach in Cambodia, going to Sihanoukville is one of the best choices since Sihanoukville beaches are famous for their beauty.

Being on a beach is a fantastic activity since you can stop stressing over things and just peacefully relax. Listen to the sea’s sounds, drink your favorite cocktail, have fun with friends, and swim in a crystal clear sea.

True heaven on earth!

sihanoukville beaches

But now think about this scenario: You finally decided to visit one of Sihanoukville beaches, but you’re not even close to being satisfied. Maybe it was too overcrowded, or you had some other personal reason.

The problem was that you haven’t done enough research to find a beach that will best suit you. Everybody has different priorities. Not every beach can satisfy everyone.

Some people prefer privacy and some love to be at crowded beaches where there are many bars and music.

Finding a great beach is essential to having a good time. That’s why we decided to write an article about Sihanoukville beaches to show you the best possible beaches in this beautiful city.

Serendipity Beach

Sihanoukville beaches

Serendipity beach. One of the most famous beaches in Sihanoukville is located right beside the road from the Gold Lion Roundabout. It’s famous for being surrounded by bars and accommodation. One thing to keep in mind is that it could be crowded but nothing too drastic.

Ochheuteal Beach

Sihanouvkille beaches

Ochheuteal Beach is also one of the most famous beaches in Sihanoukville. If you’re a tourist, this is probably one of the first beaches you’re going to visit.

You’re going to find many people having a lot of fun here! This beach is ideal for going out with friends for a drink and listening to the gentle sound of the sea.

The beach is almost four kilometers long and offers many luxurious hotels and residences on its bank. Its favorite among locals as well as many tourists so yes it does get a bit crowded here. We don’t think of it as a downside because there are very few Sihanoukville beaches that are not crowded.

Otres Beach

Beaches in Sihanoukville

Due to its growing popularity, this beautiful beach is rapidly being surrounded by hotels and resorts. Still, you can find some of the charms it once had when it was just another beach.

Sokha Beach

Beaches in Sihanoukville

This beach is a bit smaller than the rest of the beaches in Sihanoukville, with an approximate length of 1,2 kilometers. The luxury Sokha Beach Hotel group owns it.

The only downside of this beach is that only the hotel’s residents have access to it, so the beach stays inaccessible for the majority of people.

If, on the other hand, you’re fortunate enough to stay at the hotel, you will fully enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Victory Beach

Sihanoukville beaches

The Victory Beach is only 300 meters long and is in a great location near the Sihanoukville port. This beach is not so crowded and therefore it is more ideal for people who prefer more privacy.

Never the less, it offers a beautiful crystal clear water and a relatively calm environment.

Ream Beach

Sihanoukville beaches

Do you ever feel that you want a bit more privacy?

Are you tired of overcrowded beaches where you have a feeling that you cant relax since there are so many people around you and you can’t even hear the sea waves because the only thing you hear is the people?

In our opinion, this beach is one of the best beaches in Sihanoukville since it offers more privacy and indeed shows the beauty of nature in Sihanoukville.

It is true that you will not find many hotels, resorts, and bars here, but you will find a real beauty of nature here.

One of the significant advantages here is that this beach is not so commonly known to tourists, so you will not find many of them here.

An important thing to have an awareness of is that one of the disadvantages of this beach, and that is that it’s located a bit further from the center of Sihanoukville, so you will need to drive for about an hour to get here.

From our personal experience, we can say with absolute certainty that it’s 100% worth it!

Believe us, if you’re tired of crowded beaches with little to no privacy, this beach is exactly what you’re looking for.



Are you still not sure what beach to visit? And why not visit all of them? It’s great to explore new locations. Its a habit of getting used to doing new things and getting out of your comfort zone. No matter how big or small the change is.

Exploring new locations opens your eyes and makes you want to go into the unknown. It’s a fantastic experience to explore and visit new places even if it means just visiting a new beach.

If you have been going to the same beaches in Sihanoukville for a long time, its time to try a new beach.


sihanoukville beaches

We hope that we helped you with finding a new beach and that next time you will go to the beach you will explore a new even better one.

A fantastic thing about Sihanoukville beaches is that you’re never going to get disappointed for two primary reasons.

The first is that after our article you now have a general awareness of beaches in Sihanoukville so you can visit the one that best suits you.

The second reason is that the overall majority of beaches in Sihanoukville are amazing! You really cannot go wrong with visiting any of the mentioned beaches since the beaches here are clean and beautiful.

Visiting Sihanoukville beaches is a must if you’re planning to visit Sihanoukville or even if you already live here. After all, spending an afternoon on a beach with your friends and having fun after a long day is what we all desire, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiastic traveler or you already live in Sihanoukville.

sihanoukville beaches