Cambodia Real Estate Expo 2019 just broke one of the industry’s records.

Cambodia Real Estate Expo 2019 broke one of the industry’s records.

A large number of investors took part in the record-breaking Real Estate Expo 2019. Expo made the news for more than $30 million in sales. It was Cambodia's biggest real estate expo. Thousands of people were present and actively participated in different real estate activities.

The real estate sales might be well over $40 Million

According to some estimates, the Cambodia Real Estate Expo 2019 may have racked in more than $40 million in sales. This mega event had several exhibitions in which many real estate investors from Cambodia and outside took part.
The success shows the hard work done by the managing staff. Not only did they manage the expo smoothly, but they also made everyone feel comfortable. This was one of the key reasons for the expo's success.

Sponsors of Real Estate Expo 2019

Expo had a lot of big-name sponsors who helped make the expo a bigger hit than anticipated. LZ Sea View Residences is one of the biggest sponsors who helped make the Real Estate Expo a success. Sponsors also took a keen interest in the expo as many made a lot of sales during the exhibitions.

Real Estate Seminars to develop Trust

Real Estate Expo 2019 was gem packed with Cambodia’s real estate leaders. They not only took part in exhibitions but also held great seminars. These real estate seminars raised awareness about the real estate conditions in Cambodia. And informed foreign investors about the business opportunities in Cambodia.

Big Names Sold Big

Prince Huan Yu Real Estate was one of the biggest victors in this expo. They sold more than 45 office spaces and 20+ condos to earn a handsome profit. On top of that, they also created several leads from inside and outside Cambodia.

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