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LZ Sea View Residences At The Real Estate Expo 2018

On October 19-20, the LZ Sea View Residences team attended one of the largest real estate investment events in Cambodia, the Real Estate Expo 2018 in Naga World. Their mission, to present their latest property development project, LZ Sea View Residences in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

LZ Sea View Residences is an all new luxury residence development offering Studio, One Bedroom and One Bedroom Superior apartments which feature a wide range of exclusive features including an on-site fitness center, pet care, security and more. Applauded as one of the safest and most successful real estate investment project in the country.

Held at Naga World, Phnom Penh, The Real Estate Expo 2018 is Cambodia’s number one property show with more than 4,000 people in attendance. The show was an opportunity for the EEO Real Estate Investment Group team to meet leading local and Asian property developers, attend exclusive seminars from leading lawyers, economists and real estate professionals and to network with industry leading professionals.
Important Keynote Speakers And International Real Estate Developers

Cambodia’s Real Estate Expo 2018 also featured more than 20 local and international developers, including leading condos, boreys and mixed-use projects as well as some of the industry’s leading international keynote speakers including Mr. Haijun Zeng of Tings & Associates, Oknha Cheng Kheng, Chairman and CEO of CPL Cambodia Properties Limited and Mr. Simon Griffiths, Managing Director at Urban Asset Solutions to name a few.

Some of the topics covered at the show included foreign ownership laws, investment landscape and infrastructure developments, all of which were of special interest to the EEO Real Estate Investment Group team as they shared their latest project with the real estate community.

While it was a very busy weekend for Ondrej Zastera and his team, they did get the chance to meet valuable contacts and create lasting business relationships which can become useful for current and future development projects.
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