sihanoukville airport

Everything you need to know about Sihanoukville airport.

For the last couple of years, Cambodia has experienced sustainable growth and development in different government and business sectors. The aviation authority has approved the new master plan for expanding Sihanoukville airport, which will facilitate the passenger capacity of half a million. Do you want to know about Sihanoukville airport, the number of flights from and to, as well as other essential information, then you are in the right place. Read on!

Sihanoukville airport serves the city of Sihanoukville. It is an international airport that facilitates many flights from different parts of the world. The nearby airports to Sihanoukville are Phu Quoc Airport, which is 67 kilometers away, Phnom Penh – 178 kilometers, Rach Gia Airport – 183 kilometers, Trat Airport – 223 kilometers. They Ca Mau Airport – which is 223 kilometers away.

According to Skyscanner, the most prominent airlines that fly to Sihanoukville are Vietnam Airlines and Cambodia Angkor Air flights. Other airlines that fly from and to Sihanoukville airport are Air Asia, JC International Airlines, Cambodia Airways, Ruili Airlines, Lnmei Airlines, Sky Angkor Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines.

Sihanoukville Airport

Sihanoukville is the third largest airport in the country and has several non-stop passenger flights. All these flights are scheduled for five states and twenty-nine destinations. Currently, there are two domestic flights from this airport. Moreover, the longest flight from this airport is 3,520 kilometers to Beijing. The trip is operated by Cambodia Angkor Air and takes around 5 hours to land in Beijing.

The airport is experiencing heavy air traffic after 2010 – especially after the government passed the legislation for foreigners to own properties in the country. Thanks to the launch of new international routes as well as the opening of new lines that serve this destination – more and more people are take flights from and to Sihanoukville airport.

Likewise, a couple of years ago, VINCI Airports initiated a significant infrastructure Program to enhance facilities and manage the growth of air traffic as well as the arrival of passengers at Sihanoukville airport.

The program focuses on the complete renovation of the existing infrastructure, along with the extension of the existing terminal by eighty percent. This is from 2700 square meters to 4800 square meters, and the purpose is to cater more than half a million passengers a year. The airport serves direct flights from and to China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


The visual aids and navigation at Sihanoukville airport include DME/VOR radio navigation system, which is a non-directional beacon NDB and PAPI – i.e., “Precision Approach Path Indicator.” The length of the runway was extended by 2.5 kilometers to accommodate jet aircraft like ATR72 and Boeing 737.

Lastly, the new terminal of the airport will feature shops, food & beverage outlets, as well as both local and international lounges – for instance, Blue Flight, Plaza Premium lounge, and the Monkey Republic.