LZ Sea View Residences Site Opening Ceremony

On November 19th 2018, the LZ Sea View Residences team held a site opening ceremony for one of their largest projects to date, LZ Sea View Residences in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

What Is The LZ Sea View Residences Project? LZ Sea View Residences is a premium residence, located in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The property includes Studio, One Bedroom and One Bedroom Superior apartments and is fully featured with a wide range of luxury amenities including an on-site fitness center, spa services, security and more.

The Cambodian Government And New Business With around 70% of the project already sold, LZ Sea View Residences has potential to become one of Cambodia’s leading business developments. The Cambodian government is welcoming business investments from around the world and that can provide many more opportunities such as the LZ Sea View Residences project and others for the EEO Investment Group and other large scale developers.

Safety And Sustainability Are A Top Priority As early investors got their first real look at the LZ Sea View Residences, their team answered questions and provided some insight into the project and what goes into a project of this size to ensure the safety of both the tenants and the workers, as well as the sustainability of their investments.

Contact The EEO Invest – Real Estate Investment Group​ To learn more about the LZ Sea View Residences project and the EEO Invest plans for future developments in Cambodia, contact the EEO Invest today at sales@eeoinvest.com or by calling + 855 10 974 890