A strong relationship between Cambodia and the Czech Republic

Both countries emphasized on strengthening and expanding bilateral cooperation and relations between the two nations. The Czech leadership assured Hun Sen that his country would make significant efforts to help Cambodia in health, education, agriculture, energy, and defense.

The Czech administration pledged to motivate business people and investors from the Czech Republic do to business in Cambodia – especially, in the field of tourism, environment, industries, real estate, energy, and water management.

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Cambodia has a long history of bilateral relations with Cambodia. Former Czechoslovakia was a significant development and economic partner for Cambodia –,, particularly after World War II. Both countries reestablished their cooperation ten years ago – when both nations agreed to make efforts in the transformation of existing financial debt. This was about the Cambodian debt to the Czech Republic, which was around $3 million. Both countries agreed to turn the deficit into development projects.

Besides, the government of the Czech Republic then listed Cambodia as the top partner for the 2010-2017 Development Cooperation. The Czech government started to fund different projects in the fields of social care, health, education, real estate, and renewable energy. The instigation of the development projects as a result of debt resettlement, the Czech Republic finally reopened its Embassy in Cambodia in 2013.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš received Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen


Recently, Hun Sen – the prime minister of Cambodia visited the Czech Republic to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. The visit of the prime minister focused on many vital aspects, including the strong defense to increase peace and stability in the region. The leadership of both countries assured to continue domestic and regional developments. Andrej Babis, the Czech Prime Minister and Hun Sen, the prime minister of Cambodia in their recent meeting in Prague, will produce positive relations between the two countries. Not only will it boost cooperation, but the strong ties between the two nations will open paths for trade. Hun Sen and Andrej Babis likewise discussed the issues and solutions in the healthcare and trade sectors.

Health and trade MoUs signed

Vamed Mediterra Group and the Cambodian Health Ministry signed the first MOU. Vamed Mediterra is a private company, which provides healthcare services. The Czech Chamber of Commerce and Cambodia’s Chamber of Commerce endorsed the send MOU.


The purpose of signing the MOUs is a strong indication of both countries’ leadership to continue the establishment of strong ties between the two nations. This will expand development, cooperation, and friendship between the two nations – benefiting the people in different sectors.

Recently, a team of experts from the Czech Technical University visited Cambodia to collaborate with the Cambodian Institute of Technology and the Cambodian University of Health Sciences. They started the Biomedical Engineering development project in Cambodia.

With expertise spanning biology, physiology, mechanics, and health informatics, this new field of biomedical engineering will allow Cambodian students and scientists to combine their skills to create unique solutions to continuing health issues in the world. Lastly, it will help to change how patients in the Cambodian hospitals are treated as well as lowering the cost of healthcare.