THE ULTIMATE 2020 TRAVEL GUIDE TO SIHANOUKVILLE – Everything you need to know before coming to Sihanoukville in 2020.

Sihanoukville, the 4th biggest city in Cambodia, is also known as Kampong Som in Khmer. Sihanoukville is also the capital of Preah Sihanouk, a province of Cambodia. This vast city is known for its colossal trade, business opportunities, and friendly tourism.

In these past years, China has helped Sihanoukville become more critical and pivotal in Cambodia’s structure than ever. This is mainly due to China’s One Belt, One Road initiative China marks Sihanoukville as a central point for many of its endeavors. And that’s why vast amounts of investments are being made in this by China.

LZ Sea View Residences undertook the task of forming this guide. This guide will help you get everything about Sihanoukville. You’ll learn from the basic history of this city to the prospects that could transform this city and Cambodia as a whole.

About Sihanoukville


In this section, we’ll discuss some of the information that makes Sihanoukville what it is. We’ll discuss its location, weather, and history briefly to get an idea of this city. We won’t go into too much detail, so don’t worry.

Where is Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is a coastal city in the southwest of Cambodia, where it sits with all of its glory. Its distance from Phnom Penh, the nation’s capital, is almost 232 kilometers. With its beautiful beaches and surreal islands, this city has become the favorite seaside city of Cambodians. A massive inflow of tourists is always happening from within and outside.

As Sihanoukville’s in a prime location on the Asian map, it has gained much international significance. Nearby countries like China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, and many more are just a short flight distance from this magnificent city. It’s International Airport, and Seaport adds to the importance of this future megacity.

Weather and Geography of Sihanoukville

With a surface area of about 868 square kilometers, Sihanoukville is located in the Preah Sihanouk province. Preah Sihanouk has Kampot province in its East, Koh Kong province in the North, and the Gulf of Thailand covers its South and West boundaries.

Cambodia, including Sihanoukville, has two dominant seasons. One is the dry season, and the other being the monsoon season. The dry season usually lasts from November to April, while the monsoon season starts in May and peaks between August and September. During this season, there’s a considerable rainfall that takes the average of each year to about 100-150 centimeters.

As the rainy season takes up most of the summer peak months, the average temperature doesn’t get too high. It stays moderate in between 30°C and 24 °C. However, the temperature can go as high as 40°C on some days.

History of Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville was literally cut off the jungle. The French in the 1950s cut down the coastal jungle area and laid the foundations of this city. However, this city didn’t enjoy any peacetime in its starting years. The Vietnam War, followed by the Civil War, devastated this city because of its location, which made it a victim of these unfortunate events. It continued till 1991 when Paris Peace Accords were signed, and peace came to this city.

After that, Sihanoukville has never looked back and has made a name for itself in the real estate and other markets.

Initially, the Mekong was Cambodia’s international sea trade center. Every bit of trade was carried out via this delta until the 1950s. At that time, the Mekong was overtaken by Vietnamese and Cambodia started building a deeper and better seaport to continue its International trade.

Sihanoukville was the prime location for this endeavor. And Cambodia established Sihanoukville as its only deep-water port in 1964. From 1964 to 2020, the city has seen much progress due to this international trade. Not only the city but the whole province has witnessed much growth in these years.

Kampong Som was named Sihanoukville in honor of King Norodom Sihanouk. He fought for the independence of Cambodia and helped the country claim its freedom.

With this diverse history, Sihanoukville is steadily becoming an International icon. It has attracted many investors. And it has earned the title of “Rising Star of the Southwest” due to its exponential growth.

Sihanoukville Economy and Industries

Sihanoukville, as discussed above, is the only deep-water port of Cambodia. And that’s why it has become a hub for a lot of national and international trades. Sihanoukville is on a winning streak in terms of progress. This is showcased by the Cambodian government’s initiatives to make Sihanoukville the tourism center.

Sihanoukville is known for its transportation, tourism, fisheries, and manufacturing. And its people are mostly earning their livings via these industries.

Because of International importance, Sihanoukville has proven itself to be a major part of Cambodia’s economic growth. China’s one belt, one road initiative, has provided Sihanoukville with a lot of Chinese investment in infrastructure and other ventures.

Due to the rapid increase in foreign investment, the real estate in Sihanoukville is booming. More and more investors are grabbing the real estate left behind.

All of the economic growth is due to the ideal location of Sihanoukville as the center for both industries and businesses alike.

Sihanoukville special economic zones (SEZs)

Preah Sihanouk province has eight economic zones with having its importance.

  1. Kampong Saom SEZ, 255 hectares, was backed by developer Kith Meng.
  2. SNC SEZ, 155 hectares, is in Bet Trang commune
  3. Stung Hav SEZ, 192 hectares, is in Otres commune
  4. Sihanoukville SEZ 1, 178 hectares, was developed by Lav Meng Khin
  5. Sihanoukville SEZ 2, 1,113 hectares and the largest in the province, was developed by Lav Meng Khin too
  6. Sihanoukville Port SEZ, 70 hectares, was developed by Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS)
  7. HKT SEZ, 345 hectares, is in Teuk Thla commune
  8. Cambodia-Sino Metallic Material SEZ, 55 hectares, in Keo Pos commune

Sihanoukville SEZ 2, one of the largest SEZs in the country, is mostly owned by Chinese investors. So Chinese investment is playing a major role in Cambodia’s overall growth. 

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS)

In the last year, the Sihanoukville port handled 541,228 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of cargo. But this number is rapidly going up as port authorities expect it to surpass 1 million TEUs by 2023.

The newest 400-meter ports can accommodate more cargo, thus making trade faster and more efficient as a result.

The Sihanoukville Port SEZ is also listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange, which just goes to show its importance in the country’s economy. 

Foreign investment in Sihanoukville

In the start, western investment was the primary source of foreign investment in Sihanoukville. And this trend continued for many years. But within the last decade, this trend has shifted tremendously. Chinese investment has flooded the Sihanoukville market, and most of the foreign investment is now Chinese.

With the advent of OBOR, more and more Chinese tourists will visit Sihanoukville. That’s why the primary investment is in real estate. Chinese investors are producing the ideal conditions for Chinese tourists who will want to enjoy their luxurious visits here.

Casinos, condominiums and hotel complexes are rising by the day. More and more real estate is growing, and the standard of living is increasing exponentially, while LZ Sea View Residences is an excellent opportunity where you can take advantage of the exponentially growing Cambodian Real Estate without any worry.

Sihanoukville tourism

Due to recent developments, Sihanoukville has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cambodia. Millions of tourists are visiting it each year. Mostly the tourists are from China, Korea, Japan, the US, and Europe. People are coming to enjoy the untouched beaches, important temples, and a lot of casinos.

Sihanoukville is gaining more and more popularity as the years go by. This is because the province is full of beautiful and enchanting places. Tourists can enjoy white sand beaches, beautiful islands, mesmerizing marshlands, Ream National Park, enticing waterfalls, and much more in this beautiful land. Internationally, Sihanoukville is gaining recognition for its tourism potential as more and more people are visiting each year. This was not the case a decade ago. Sihanoukville was a city known for its trade. Not for its tourism. There were some fancy houses here and there but not a real luxury. But now, the city is booming with tourism as Casinos, high-end resorts, beachfront condos, and a really great real estate are making it more appealing for the tourists.

The best season is the dry season in Sihanoukville. And that’s why most of the tourists visit during this season. In this season, they can enjoy the ocean and beaches more vividly as compared to the monsoon. They avoid the moist and wet season of monsoon, which can hinder some enjoyment. Nonetheless, even during peak monsoon, tourists don’t stop visiting Sihanoukville.

In the last year, more than 6,200,000 tourists visited Cambodia. The average stay was seven days long, with many staying more than that. An increasing number of visitors are observed each year. This can be attributed to the financial growth of this city since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Where to stay in Sihanoukville

For tourists, Sihanoukville has got several places that they can stay in and enjoy. A lot of investment has been made in the real estate of Sihanoukville, which practically means that more tourists can stay in great rooms each year. When visiting Sihanoukville, you can find the right type of accommodation that suits you. Luxury, mid-range, and budget categories are available for different tourists.

For the Luxurious Ones

For those who are looking for luxurious accommodations, Sihanoukville has a lot to offer. You can find luxurious hotels and resorts in the city that will definitely meet your requirements perfectly. Most of these luxurious places have swimming pools, gyms, saunas, and Jacuzzis for your comfort and relaxation.

Among these are Song Saa Private Island, Sokha Beach Resort, Moha Mohori by Sokha Beach Resort, and Lakeside by Sokha Beach Resort.

The Middle Way

Luxury isn’t something that everyone wants. Most of the tourists want to enjoy their stay and also enjoy the beauty of the province. That’s why most tourists choose mid-range boutique hotels. They have been the most successful tourist rest spots for a decade now.

The prices and facilities vary for each hotel. However, one such hotel is most likely to have a rooftop bar, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. These Boutique hotels are famous for their luxurious services at a relatively lower price. These services include extraordinary room service, exquisitely furnished rooms, friendly staff, and many others.

In Sihanoukville, famous Boutique hotels are LZ Sea View Residences, AZ.Wutong Tree Boutique Hotel, Saracen Bay Resort, Queenco Hotel & Casino, Tube Resort, Bamboo Jam, and AZ.豪威酒店.

Budget Places in Sihanoukville

Despite all the luxurious feel, Sihanoukville is no stranger to budget accommodations. One large portion of tourists likes to save money so they can visit more places while not overrunning the budget. Tourists can find shared rooms where backpackers and other budget travelers like to stay. The rent isn’t high at all, and tourists can get a good night’s sleep without any hassle. In addition to shared accommodations, tourists can find private rooms while staying in budget. These cost more than shared ones but are still affordable and come with several amnesties. Budget private accommodations in Sihanoukville include Mama Clares, Wish You Were Here Backpackers and Mushroom Point.

The Sihanoukville real estate

As already mentioned, Sihanoukville city is on an exponential growth path. With each passing year, Sihanoukville is gaining even more importance as a Cambodian economic center. With this, the real estate market of Sihanoukville is also growing fast. One big reason for that is the naturally safe location of Sihanoukville. Unlike neighboring seaside cities and areas, Sihanoukville is safe from earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and other natural disasters. All of this can be attributed to the geographical location of Sihanoukville, which is playing an important role in the growth of Cambodia as a whole.

Sihanoukville province has four districts:

  1. Preah Sihanouk Municipality, also known as Mittapheap district
  2. Stung Hav district
  3. Prey Nob district
  4. Kampong Seila district

Please bear with us. Sihanoukville is used for the city, province, or any of the above districts above. So if Sihanoukville is mentioned, it will probably mean one of the above. This is in line with the local norms.

This year, a major change occurred in the Mittapheap district. Formerly, Koh Rong and Kong Rong Sanloem islands were considered as communes within Mittapheap. 

While we mentioned the Mittapheap district, it is worth noting that this district is the fastest developing of all. This also means the land is in high demand due to always-increasing real estate value. Only a few communes are left for taking as most of the district is now marked by investors. In Mittapheap, Sangkat Buon, or commune 4, is the most popular area where Ochheuteal Beach is present too. 

LZ Sea View Residences is an excellent opportunity where you can take advantage of the exponentially growing Cambodian Real Estate without any worry.

Popular areas of Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is steadily becoming a tourist hub in Cambodia. All of this is happening despite Sihanoukville not having as many buildings as Phnom Penh. But, the number of options in Sihanoukville is growing each day.

The most famous areas where tourists stay are:

  1. Victory Beach, which basically carries the soul of old Sihanoukville. Buildings are getting bigger, but the core is still the same.
  2. Central Sihanoukville. It’s closest to the real bustle of Sihanoukville. Filled with budget hotels and casinos.
  3. Otres Beach, which is at a twenty-minute ride from the Gold Lion Roundabout, is the perfect place for beach lovers.
  4. Koh Rong, which is an island not directly in touch with Sihanoukville, is a nice place to stay. Tourists can take a fun ferry ride to reach this. Most backpackers stay here due to its somewhat remote location. It can be a haven for those who want to open new hotels due to little competition.

Types of housing in Sihanoukville

The experience of living in a place is mostly dependent on the housing available. Similar is the case for Sihanoukville. To help you get a sense of housing in Sihanoukville, we’ve made a list of general accommodations available.

Long-term stay at a Sihanoukville hotel or guesthouse

Maybe you wanted to stay for a few days but now have extended your stay to months. This is a pretty common occurrence. For this reason, most hotels and guesthouses in Sihanoukville rent every month. Elegant rooms or bungalows can be rented for as low as $300 a month. These kinds of rooms and cottages are the best choice to stay in while you make up your mind about the duration of the stay.

Villas in Sihanoukville

Villas come with privacy and comfort. You can find a pool and a backyard to add to the comfort levels. So if you ‘re looking for not being looked at, villas are the perfect place to stay, especially for family trips that can last for quite some time. You can host barbeques or other functions in your rented villa while keeping a level of privacy needed for such occasions. You can rent a smaller villa, with three rooms, for $1,000 to $2,500 per month. On the other hand, bigger and more luxurious villas can be rented for around $9,000 per month. These villas have six rooms or more with added luxuries and amnesties that justify the price tag.

Apartments in Sihanoukville

Villas and bungalows aren’t something that everyone wants. They can be an added luxury with no real purpose.

For those who think the same, Sihanoukville has a range of apartments available. These apartments come in mid-range to luxury style. Most of the apartments have one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, and, most likely, a balcony. This is the perfect place if you want to enjoy the bustle of the city while relaxing in your room.

On the budget side, apartments can be found for as low as $400 per month. But when it comes to luxurious apartments, like LZ Sea View Residences, you may have to go up a little. The more extravagant the apartment is, the more expensive it becomes. Usually, a luxury two-bedroom apartment is available for $1,500 to $2,000 per month.

Houses in Sihanoukville

On the main road, you can find tons of shophouses for rent in Sihanoukville. These are the tall buildings, which are usually four to five floors high. Mostly the ground floor is for shops while the upper floors are available for renting a house. If you want to live in a two-three bedroom house, these shophouses are for you. You can either rent a complete floor or the whole building. It depends on your needs. Usually, the whole building can be rented for $8,000 to $10,000 per month. This is ideal if you’re traveling with a big group and want to stay at the same place as them. However, if you’re with a small group or with your family, you can rent a single floor, which will be substantially less expensive.

Condominiums in Sihanoukville

With the recent investments and development, condos are appearing everywhere in Sihanoukville. These condos are mostly targeted towards the high end of the clients who can afford this. Such villas have pools, gyms, spas, and other amnesties.

Condos in Sihanoukville are mostly targeted towards permanent buyers. However, renting the condos is also a viable option as monthly rent ensures that the guests will stay for at least a month in this luxurious environment.

Some Condos in Sihanoukville

Prince Golden Bay

The Prince Golden Bay complex is right on the edge of Sokha Beach with a great view. This massive complex has 2,000 units, excluding the shopping areas and other entertainment locations. Here, you can find Condos from 45 to 72 square meters in the area. These luxurious condos have everything you come to expect from it. These include fitness centers, parking, gardens, pools, and ocean views, just to name a few.

The Blue Bay

Along the edge of Independence Beach in Commune 4, The Blue Bay complex shines. This complex has five grandiose buildings. Almost 1,500 units are in this complex, with each having the amnesties you come to expect. This complex is another example where both residential and commercial space is available.

LZ Sea View Residences 


LZ Sea View Residences in Cambodia is providing a luxurious lifestyle with the safety of the investment. Residential with rooftop swimming pool, fitness center, spa Services, and kid’s playground will take away all the tensions from your mind. 

This project is by the same people behind Queenco Hotel & Casino, which has made a name for itself in the Cambodian Real Estate Industry. Israeli developers, who gained a reputation for their quality of work on Queenco Hotel & Casino, are back too for the LZ Sea View Residences project.

With all the international interest, the value of initial investments is bound to skyrocket. With a high annual rental guarantee of 12%, the project is a safe bet. In addition to the investment rich environment, LZ Sea View Residences has so much more to offer.

When it comes to luxuries that add an extra charm to lives, the LZ Sea View Residences project has a lot to offer. Chic roof-top pools, Modern Gym, 24 hours Spa, Vast Kid’s Playground, and much more are present at the location, which will add an extra layer of fun to the residents’ lives.

LZ Sea View Residence is a safe bet for anyone who wants to invest in Sihanoukville. The project is bound to make a lot of profit for all the investors very soon. In addition to investment prospects, the project is providing a luxurious lifestyle to all of its residents.

Attractions and Activities in Sihanoukville

Beaches off Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville has gained a reputation for its tourism, so it’s natural that it has a lot of mesmerizing places to explore. Most of the fun is on beaches and other oceanic places where you can find the best views and magnificent landscape.

Let’s start with the beautiful beaches.

Ochheuteal Beach

Ochheuteal Beach is probably the most popular beach in all of Sihanoukville. When you visit Sihanoukville, you’re most likely to visit this beach on the weekend to enjoy the sun and the soothing sand. This beach is almost four kilometers in length with many high profile residences and hotels on its bank. Ochheuteal Beach is mostly busy, and you’re most likely to find yourself with a big crowd of people enjoying the beach having FUN.

Serendipity Beach

Right beside the road from the Gold Lion Roundabout, Serendipity Beach is another famous beach in Sihanoukville. You’ll find several hotels and bars on its bank that attract the tourists to spend time in them.

Otres Beach

Due to its popularity, this natural feast for eyes is rapidly being covered with boutique hotels and huge resort complexes. But, you can still find some of the charms it once had when it was just another beach. 

Sokha beach

Sokha beach is on the North of Serendipity and Ochheuteal. This beach is just 1.2 kilometers in length. And it is owned by the luxury Sokha Beach Hotel group. Sokha Hotel is one of the few Five-Star beachfront hotels in Cambodia with an excellent reputation. But the beach is inaccessible by local tourists and only the residents get to enjoy the beautiful views.

Independence Beach

On the northwest end of Sokha Beach, there’s Independence Beach. It’s 1.3 kilometers in length with a great view of a cliff on its side. The cliff has the Independence Hotel, which lends its name to this mesmerizing beach. With all the recent development, most of the beach is filled with property developments. However, you can still enjoy the beach life on Independence beach without having to worry too much. 

Victory Beach

A beach for those who want to enjoy the sand while on a budget. This small beach is just 300 meters long, with a great location right beside the Sihanoukville port. You can enjoy a great time with your family if you don’t want to spend money on something more enjoyable later.

Ream Beach

Ream beach is on the south of Otres beach with a length of 7.7 kilometers. This extensive beach is more than a beach as it has rocky and vegetation parts in between the sand. Untouched and unspoiled by the recent onslaught of development, this beach is one of few natural places left in Sihanoukville. You’ll need to travel at least an hour before you reach this beautiful place, but it’s worth it. You’ll get to see the real beauty of Sihanoukville. For tourists, this beach is relatively unknown, so if you visit this beach, you might find some privacy and relaxation here.

Islands off Sihanoukville

When you visit Preah Sihanouk province, you’re going to find 22 islands in addition to its mainland area. Some of these islands are under vigorous development processes as the investments pour in.

Here are Sihanoukville’s most popular islands:

Koh Rong

Koh Rong is, in the Gulf of Thailand, 25 km off the coast of Sihanoukville. With more than 78 kilometers of area, this island is the second biggest island in Cambodia. With the local population of just over 1200, this island is a haven for tourists. Tourists can find everything from bars, restaurants to guesthouses here. When you visit, you’ll also find laundry service, ATMs, pharmacies, and other regular life shops as well. Most tourists take a speedboat to the island. They do this by hopping on a speedboat from Sihanoukville, which takes them on a 45-minute tour of the island. The cost is almost $25-$30 per trip per person.

Koh Rong Sanloem

When it comes to development, almost every part of Sihanoukville is under it. Koh Rong Sanloem, like Koh Rong, is no exception. A few years back, it was just an island. Now, it’s covered with guesthouses, villas, and hotels. You can rent a villa with all the luxuries like spa, gym, pool, and others. The coastline is filled with several beautiful beaches that are the main attractions for tourists. Saracen Bay, a crescent-shaped beach, is the main attraction for tourists who come to Koh Rong Sanloem. In addition to this, Lazy Beach, Sunset Beach, and the village of M’pai Bai also attract the attention of tourists. The speedboats that take tourists to Koh Rong stop at Koh Rong Sanloem first. One ticket is around $20 for a round trip.

Koh Puos

Koh Puos literally translates to Snake Island. This island is just one kilometer away from Sihanoukville and is connected by a bridge. There aren’t many buildings to see. But the Treasure Island Seafood is a haven for food lovers. You can find crabs, fishes, shrimps, lobsters, and squids without any limit.

Koh Touch

Koh Touch, or Small Island, is an island right beside Koh Rong’s main beach. It’s a perfect place to take candid pictures and panorama shots. You can take images of clear shallow water that adds to the mystique nature of the island. If you visit Koh Rong, you need to visit Koh Touch.

Koh Tang

It is a remote island that provides unique tourist attractions due to its most natural environment. Most of the island is uninhabited so you can enjoy a bit of privacy here. This island is four to five hours away from the mainland, which makes it a lesser-visited beach despite its beauty and charm. This is about to change as the government is planning on adding new facilities in the near future, and some work is already under progress.

Koh Song Saa

Koh Song Saa, or Lover’s Island, is home to the beautiful private Song Saa Resort. The resort offers a luxurious hideaway from the mainland, which is just 10 minutes by private helicopter. This experience takes luxury and enjoyment to a new level.

Additional Sihanoukville attractions

No doubt about the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville. But it has so much more o offer.

Wat Leu

This Buddhist temple is a sacred place for Budhs, and they make a pilgrimage to this whenever possible. At the top of Sihanoukville Mountain, Wat Leu is 1.5 kilometers away from the center of the city. At the top of the mountain, you’ll find a peace that will make your soul feel relaxed. Wat Leu is one of the main attractions for photographers where they take beautiful and mesmerizing pictures. You can reach Wat Leu via a tuk-tuk or moto. A moto ride from the city center to Wat Leu top costs around $2. While a tuk-tuk ride, although more delighting, costs a little more than that.

Ream National Park

This natural haven for plants and animals is located 18 kilometers away east of Sihanoukville. Ream National Park was established by the King in 1993 and covered more than 210 hectares in the area. The park is home to pangolins, sun bears, dugongs, dolphins, deer, wild boars, and many species of birds. If you want to visit, you can hire a tour agency. Your full-day trip will cost you around $25 to $30. And it will include transportation, food and the services of a guide.

You can easily visit this natural haven from Sihanoukville. And enjoy nature at its peak!

Diving in Sihanoukville

In Sihanoukville, you can find a plethora of sports, and those include diving too. But diving isn’t as mainstream here, as say in neighboring countries.  

However, Sihanoukville is catching up with the competition. In recent years, diving has gained much traction in terms of investment and interest. Many hotels, like Queenco Hotel&Casino, are offering diving equipment and diving courses as well. 

Perfect for Diving

The weather is also favorable as the diving season is open almost all year. Some extreme weather conditions, however, can restrict the divers from enjoying themselves.

Less Crowded, More Fun

If you were to go diving in the sea nowadays, you’d have a significant portion of the ocean all to yourself. This privacy, in itself, is a luxury that crowded diving spots can’t provide. So the market is there, and the investors are taking a keen interest in expanding the diving sport in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville food

Sihanoukville surely has a lot of excellent dining options. Both local and international cuisine is abundant here. The restaurants here offer a range of foods, from budget options to luxury dining. You’ll definitely want to try the seafood at Treasure Island. Mike’s Burger is another spot for great food. And Starfish Bakery & Cafe has a bunch of desserts and pastries to offer.

You can also dine great food while supporting a humanitarian cause at Sandan. This is a part of the M’Lop Tapang and serves local people and trains youth with a troubling background to be food industry stars in the future.

For absolute food lovers, Sihanoukville has so much to offer. You can try rib eye steak at Oregon, Mediterranean food at Olive & Olive, and the pizzas at Papa Pippo’s.

With so much reliance on Sea, it’s only natural that Sihanoukville’s seafood is amongst its best-known things. These fresh seafood options go from seafood huts all across the beach, to more high-end restaurants aimed at tourists.

If you need the freshest seafood in Cambodia, visit Onami Japanese Restaurant in Queenco Hotel & Casino. 

Restaurants in Sihanoukville


Mike’s Burger House – 098 454 400 – 10am-10pm
Starfish Bakery & Cafe – 012 952 011 – 7am-5:30pm
Sandan – 098 454 400 – 11:30am-11pm
Oregon Restaurant – 034 934 300 – 8am-10pm


Olive & Olive – 097 444 1945 – 7:30am-11:30pm
Papa Pippo – 098 974 890 – 10am-9pm
Onami Japanese – 092 871 158 – 11:00am-10pm
Bago Restaurant – 093 570 000 – nonstop

Shopping in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville, Now a Shopping Hub

Sihanoukville has seen exponential growth in the past few years, both in terms of investment and goodwill. Real estate in Sihanoukville has also undergone radical changes.

But Shopping in Sihanoukville hasn’t caught up to the growth. Small shops and other shopping avenues are present but nothing to rival International Shopping malls.

This was true until two major shopping malls transformed the shopping experience here.

One being the Furi Times Square, which had a price tag of $10 million attached to it. This humongous, international-standard shopping mall is four-story-high and covers 12,000 square meters of area. The other one is Prince Huan Yu Center, which is a venture by Prince Real Estate Group. This Chinese-led group has invested in several real estate projects in Sihanoukville.

With these two shopping centers, Sihanoukville will become even more appealing for International visitors. They’ll not only get to enjoy the beauty of Sihanoukville but also shop at world-class shopping centers that will cater to their every need.

Sihanoukville nightlife

Sihanoukville is a city that has leaned the true meaning of the party. No expenses left at high-end bars and nightspots that make the nightlife shine. You can find these bars on and off beaches with a variety of options in between.

Famous bars include Boudoir, which is part of Queenco Hotel & Casino. Other popular bars in Sihanoukville include Xi Hu Hotel Rooftop, 360 Resort, and Queenco Palm Beach at Otres corner. 

Casinos are some of Sihanoukville’s main attractions because the tourists like to try their luck here. More than 30 operational and 70 in the works, the number of casinos is just gonna get bigger. Amongst the most famous are Queenco Casino, which is near Victory Beach, Fortuna, which is adjacent to Serendipity, and New Macau by Ochheuteal.

Transport in Sihanoukville

Transportation in Sihanoukville is very diverse, and you can reach here in a number of ways. Plane, train, bus, or even boat is a viable option depending upon your comfort. When traveling inside the town, you would most likely travel by road while Boats are used if you’re going to one of the beautiful islands.

How do I get to Sihanoukville?

When going towards Sihanoukville, you can find a lot of buses, minibusses, and minivans. There are a lot of travel companies like Capitol Bus, Mekong Express, Giant Ibis, Mey Hong, and Larryta Express that take people to Sihanoukville. The fare is around $10 for the trip if you’re a foreigner, while Khmers have to pay less.

If you don’t want to travel via public transport, you can always hire a private taxi. It will cost you between $70 and $80. This taxi can accommodate four people with their luggage. TaxiKhmer24 +855 98 974 890. A shared taxi option is also available where each seat costs around $7 to $10 per seat.

It can take between 4 and six hours when traveling between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville via bus, minibus, or taxi.  

If you’re traveling on the weekend, trains are the best mode of travel. It costs only $7 on the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville line. And it takes almost seven hours to complete the trip. When going towards Sihanoukville, the train leaves from the Cambodia Railways Station and makes stops in Takeo and Kampot.

Flights to and from Sihanoukville

International flights from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia to Sihanoukville are becoming normal now. While flights within Cambodia are carried out by Sky Angkor Air, JC International Airlines, Cambodia Angkor, and Bayon Airlines. These flights are usually from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap and vice versa. 

The Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville air route is served by Bayon Airlines, which has three flights per week between the two cities.

Already a big one, Sihanoukville International Airport, has been going through major renovations. These renovations will boost the capacity to 500,000 passengers per year. One all the renovations are done, this airport is poised to be the biggest in Cambodia.

For more details on the flights and their timings, we suggest going to the Sihanoukville airport’s website.

How can I get around Sihanoukville?

Once in Sihanoukville, you’ll get a number of options to travel. While traditional remorques and converted trucks are still the most popular means of travel within the city, Auto rickshaws and Motorcycle taxis are slowly taking over their rein. One trip from the city’s center to any of the beaches will cost you $1, while a remorque will cost you around $2.

A local ride service PassApp is used in Sihanoukville to travel within the city. Similar to Uber, you use the app to allocate the desired location. A can arrives and takes you there. Fare is calculated based on the distance covered.

Renting your own motorbike for the day is also an option if you want to travel by yourself without any restrictions. Sophea moto Sihanoukville offer motorbikes to rent and take out. You’ll be charged between $5 and $7 per day for the motorbike. 

Travel by boat

Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem islands are pretty popular destinations and have regular ferry services to take you from the city to these islands. If you wanna travel to other islands, local holiday resorts or private, our operators will cover that. Contact +855 10 974 890.

Schools in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville’s education system isn’t as fleshed out as Phnom Penh. This is most probably due to the overwhelming concentration on other developments. Anyhow, as the population grows, the number of high-end schools and colleges is bound to rise.

Below you’ll find a list of all the international schools, universities, and technical schools in Sihanoukville.

List of Sihanoukville international schools, universities and technical schools

SchoolLocationTypeCurriculumTuition (per month)PhoneSummary
Build Bright UniversityStreet 810Private UniversityGeneral research034934024Build Bright has schools across the country including this branch in Sihanoukville.
Don Bosco Technical SchoolMitta Pheap StreetVocational schoolTechnical education092769287Don Bosco Technical School one of the only vocational and technical training schools for disadvantaged Cambodian youth
Ecole Francaise de SihanoukvilleSantepheap streetFrench schoolFrench curriculum$200097745646This is an official French language school in Sihanoukville similar to Phnom Penh’s Rene Descartes.
Excellence International SchoolStreet 214International School (Primary)Mixed curriculum$25 to $100010222400Excellence International School provides primary education across subjects such as English, Chinese, Khmer, math and more.
Idea Source SchoolNo 206, Sereypheap stInternational School (Primary)Mixed curriculum$100 to $270081916932Idea Source is a school that covers a range of subjects for youngsters in Cambodia.
Life UniversityMapPrivate UniversityVarious majors$500 to $2,000 for a full degree program034934498Life University is a private Christian university in Sihanoukville. It offers a wide range of majors.
Regent SchoolBuilding 093, Ekareach StreetInternational School (Primary)Mixed curriculum012824545Regent School is a primary-level school offering a mixed curriculum.
Singapore Amicus International School (SAIS)Mittapheap st.International School (Primary and language school)Singaporean curriculum$25 to $120015588598In addition to offering Singaporean-style primary education, SAIS offers part-time classes in English and Chinese for all levels.
Sovannaphumi School7 Makara StInternational School (K-12)Mixed curriculum$20 to $50015838068Sovannaphumi operates schools all around Cambodia.
University of Management and Economics216, street 210Private UniversityManagement034933909This university offers courses that cover business, tech, and finance.

Sihanoukville hospitals, clinics and pharmacies

Hospitals and medical services in Sihanoukville have remarkably taken a positive turn in the last few years. But it’s not enough. For something serious, it’s suggested that you to Phnom Penh or even Bangkok.

But, for regular checkups, you can go to the following locations.

Here is a list of the best hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in Sihanoukville:

Note: Facilities marked with a + are open 24 hours.

Chakangre Clinic Sihanoukville+Ekareach street (next to HC Int’l Hotel)Hospital/Clinic$015700002
Chamroeum Chanlida PharmacyEkarareach Street near Gold Lion, and street 104 and EkareachPharmacy017500056Chanlida has three locations around town and is one of the more well-organized pharmacies in town.
CT Clinic+No. 47 Borei Kamakor streetClinic$$089886666CT Clinic has good equipment and a few English-speaking staff. Services offered include minor operations and doctor visitations
Happy Pets Veterinary Clinic2 Thnou StVeterinary clinic$098215104This is one of the only vet clinics in the country
Khmer American Dental ClinicEkreach StreetDental clinic$087999898Dentists here speak English and offer affordable service.
Naro Dental Clinic138 Ekareach StreetDental clinic$012333741The cost of most services is displayed on their Facebook page.
Pharmacy EkareachEkareach street (next to Orange Market)Pharmacy$016930331
Sihanoukville International Clinic+#085 Ekareach StreetClinic$$034933911Sihanoukville International Clinic has the best reputation and is a favorite among expats. It offers 24-hour medical care.
Sihanoukville Referral HospitalNo. 031 Ekareach streetPublic Hospital$034933679This is a government hospital. Prices are low but foreigners usually opt for better facilities.
Som Dara Clinic92 Borey Kamakor StreetSingle-doctor clinic$012845223This clinic is run by Dr. Som Dara, a skilled Cambodian doctor who is fluent in French and English.
Sonja Kill Referral HospitalNational Road 3, KampotHospital$$012738888Despite being quite a long drive Sihanoukville, Sonja Kill is one of the best hospitals in the country and many opt to go there.

Government Authorities & Emergency Services


The Sihanoukville police’s main headquarters are 1.5 kilometers away from the city center, near Victory Hill. The smaller Sangkats in each district have a police station of their own.

Tourist Police (speak English etc.): + (855) 011 683 307; + (855) 068 640 416. Emergency Hotline, 24hour: + (855) 097 778 0008.


For postal services, you can find two post offices in the center of Sihanoukville. The main office is on Ekareach Street, right beside the Victory Hill. And the smaller office near the central market.

Tel: + (855) 034 933 539 or 034 933 426.

Sihanoukville Will Have You Immersed In Its Charm

If you want to travel, go to Sihanoukville. Its one of a kind experience will make you feel enchanted and thrilled. The leisure and calm nature of Sihanoukville is what’s making it a tourist hub from all over the globe.

You Need To See It To Believe It.